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16 August 2014

11 August 2014

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2014 Victorian Team Results

3 out of the 4 Victorian teams have finished playing the 2014 IHA national championships with the Browns national championship being held in October in Perth. Read More

3 August 2014


Summer Pointstreak Link Live

Summer Pointstreak link is now live for summer registration. If you intend on playing in the 2014/2015 summer season please follow the link below. If you intend on playing summer, please ensure you register under the current club that you are playing with and that this has been approved by said club. Read More

15 May 2014

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550 Games for Glenn Grandy

IHV wish to convey our congratulations to Glenn Grandy on the achievement of his upcoming 550th senior game for the Blackhawks IHC. Glenn first played senior hockey in 1984 as a seventeen year old.  Now some 30 years later he has made numerous appearances for his Club, his State and his Country. He has been their team Captain, their Coach and presently their Club President during his long association with the Blackhawks IHC. Last year, being awarded Life Membership of the Blackhawks IHC. Read More